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. Finnish Nightmare: Lähdetkö kahville

Karoliina Korhonen, Putinki.
Lähdetkö kahville means "Would you have a cup of coffee with me"...

Product: 355503

Stock: 2 pcs

Price: 0.99 €1.10 €

. Finnish Nightmares: Getting praised

Karoliina Korhonen, Putinki
-I'd like to than Matti here
- He has done awesome job
- Good job, Matti
- It's nothing...

Product: 355518

Stock: 5 pcs

Price: 1.10 €

. Finnish Nightmares: Stop Button

The stop button in the public transport doesn.t work   and you have to yell to the driver to stop
Karoliina korhonen, Putinki..

Product: 355513

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Price: 1.10 €

. Finnish Nightmares: The Bus is "full"

Karoliina Korhonen, Putinki

Product: 355527

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